Why Flowers Are the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Why are flowers from local flower shops the perfect Valentine's Day gift? Read on to learn more!

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On that special day in February each year, if flower shops weren't around and we couldn't get our sweetheart a bouquet of roses, they would certainly be missed.

Why are flowers still the perfect Valentine's Day gift? And why are florists our unsung heroes? By patronizing the flower shops in your area, you'll not only be helping out your local economy but save on shipping or delivery charges as well. You might even find something there that isn't available at mass merchandisers, adding to the special treat for your special someone. Here's why you should stop into your local flower shops when Valentine's Day comes around.

They're Classic

Flowers will seemingly never go out of style as a Valentine's Day gift. In fact, even the Greeks loved red roses. They believed that Aphrodite (the goddess of love) had bestowed roses upon the Earth as a gift. The tradition of giving flowers as an actual gift appears to have been traced back to the 1600s, when King Charles II of Sweden discovered that flowers have a symbolic meaning to women. After this trend took off in Victorian Era England, it doesn't seem to have slowed down.

You Can Mix and Match for Different Meanings

Did you know that the number of roses or other flowers in a bouquet can have different meanings? In case your local florist is not a historian, other people have done the research and come up with fascinating results. A gift of a single rose may indicate "you're my only one," while a gift of three roses is a clever way to say "I love you." A gift of eleven roses indicates that your sweetheart is the missing rose, and there are perhaps even more combinations beyond that which people make up for themselves.

While roses are a quintessential Valentine's gift, other flowers are sweeping the scene in recent years. From white snowdrop flowers to gardenias, different types of flowers convey certain messages to different audiences. Similar to roses, California produces many of these flowers to be shipped around the country.

One Isn't the Loneliest Number

Just because you're single doesn't mean you have to miss out on Valentine's Day. Studies show that around 15% of women buy flowers for themselves on Valentine's Day, and why shouldn't they? Flower shops get increased business from single people buying themselves a gift, similar to how they have increased sales when Valentine's Day is on a weekday. Flowers have been proven to lift your mood, curb anxiety, and help people live in the moment. Combine that with the boost of self-esteem and responsibility that many people get from caring for flowers, and you've got a recipe for a great day!

People Demand Great Flowers

In 2020, Americans spent $1.9 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day flowers. A downright staggering 250 million roses are produced per year. Some things really never do go out of style, and now there is a booming "artificial flowers" industry for people that just can't bear to watch their flowers wilt and die. Some are even scented with premium perfumes and floral essences to be just like the real thing!

When you want to make your Valentine's Day more special, consider buying roses from The Centerpiece Flower Shop. We have everything you need to make your perfect day all the better.

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