How To Keep Flowers from the Florist Fresh Longer

Take a look at a few simple steps that will give fresh flowers from your local florist the opportunity to stay fresh longer.

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There is nothing better than getting a delivery of fresh flowers from your local florist. Some pro tips can go a long way in helping you keep your beautifully designed arrangements from the florists looking fresh for as long as possible.

Your West Roxbury florist has prepared some tips to help you enjoy your beautiful flowers for days to come. A few simple steps will give those fresh flowers from your local florist the opportunity to stay fresh longer.

Unpack Them

About $1.9 billion dollars annually is spent on flowers for Valentine's day. How can you keep your Valentine's flowers looking fresh for longer? The same way you keep any flowers looking fresh for longer. You start by unpacking them as soon as you receive them.

Remove any packaging as soon as your flowers arrive. You also will want to cut the stems. Remove about a quarter-inch of the stem using a very sharp knife. Make the cut on an angle to help your flowers take in water and nutrients.

You should also remove any leaves that are below the water line in the vase. Leaves that are left intact below the water line can rot.

Prepare Your Vase

You will want to use a vase filled with room temperature water. Add the “flower food” packet that florists tuck in the bouquet. You do not need to put anything else in the water at this time. The flower food from the florist is a special preparation that will help to keep your flowers looking fresh.

Place Wisely

It can be tempting to put your flowers on that sunny window sill but you should not put your flowers in direct sunlight. You want to place your flowers in the vase out of direct sunlight, and in an area that is not in direct line of any heat source. Cool locations are better.

Don’t Forget to Change the Water

You will need to change the water in the vase about every three days to help your flowers stay fresher for longer. Fill a vessel with water and let it sit till it reaches room temperature. Gently remove your flowers from the vase and set them to the side. Wash the vase out and refill with the room temperature water.

Preserving Your Flowers

Unfortunately, all good things will come to an end, and that includes your flowers, but you can preserve them and have the memory forever. Placing one or two blooms between wax paper and putting them between the pages of a heavy book can help you to have beautiful pressed flowers for crafts or just to keep.

Ask your local florists for tips on how to preserve your flowers and help them to last longer.

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