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Native to the rainforests of western and central Africa, the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (Ficus lyrata) is a stunning plant with huge green leaves and an even larger following of houseplant fans. Despite its popularity, it's certainly not the easiest houseplant to look after, but its visual impact in a space is unmatched when given proper conditions and care.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig appreciates a warm, humid environment, a fair amount of water and plenty of light.

PRO TIP: Rotate your tree once a month to keep it standing straight and tall. Fiddle Leaf Figs in particular like to reach towards the light, so if you don’t rotate you’ll notice them bending over time.

Fiona will thrive with minimal care; she might be a diva, but less is certainly more when it comes to keeping her happy.

I love bright, indirect light. Place me in a room when I can enjoy the sunlight for up to six hours a day.

I do prefer my soil to dry out a little before I get watered again.

I tolerate lower humidity levels but I’d much prefer a little more moisture in the air. Place a pebble tray nearby or keep me next to other plants. Find out how to increase humidity in your home here.

Fertilise me once every month in the growth season, which is from March to September.

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